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Being part of a legal battle that involves your children can be frustrating, especially if you feel you’re being denied financial support from your former spouse or non-custodial parent. We can help you secure what your child deserves. 

In the state of Michigan, every parent not living with the child has a legal obligation to pay child support. Our attorneys will examine the circumstances surrounding your child support case and compile evidence that can be used to show the judge why you are owed child support. We’ll try to make sure you are provided with the means to care for your child financially, as well as emotionally.

Our attorneys can also help you understand the various factors the judge will consider when determining child support payments, such as:

  • The parents’ incomes
  • Custody and parenting time arrangements
  • Medical costs
  • Childcare costs

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Questions you may be asking:

The short answer is no, you do not have to receive child support. However, if either party or the child is receiving any kind of state assistance (bridge card, cash benefits, Medicaid) then there must be an order of child support. Even if you and the other side agree to no support, if there is state assistance, then child support will have to be paid.

I am presuming you mean 50/50 parenting time and not 50/50 custody. No this is not the case. The two main factors for the Michigan Child Support Formula are income of each party and overnights with each party. If overnights are the same, such as in 50/50 parenting time, but the parties have drastically different incomes. It is most likely that the parent with the higher income may still have to pay child support.

No you do not have to have child support taken out of your work check. But this is the most common way to collect support for individuals you are employed and receive a regular paycheck. It is actually in your best interest to have it paid through an income withholding from your paycheck because you are not going to “miss” a payment, you will not get behind on payments, and you will have the best proof that you have paid child support. There is a lot of stress added to your life if you get too far behind in payments.

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