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While you may not like to think about what will happen to your assets after death, not doing so can put a huge strain on your loved ones. Don’t put your family through the heartache of guessing what you would’ve wanted. Make sure they have a clear plan that details exactly what should happen.

Our legal professionals will look over your current monetary and physical assets to create a plan that will cover all of your wishes. Whether you want to set up a trust to hold your assets and control your wealth or a will that informs your family of where your property should go, you won’t regret turning to Wood & Associates PLLC.

I can't say enough about how above and beyond Brigette Booser went for our family when we were in need of her legal counsel. She was very professional, compassionate, attentive, and incredibly intelligent."

Questions you may be asking:

There is formal probate and informal probate, and the distinctions are important. A will has to go through the probate court process. We often tell people that if you have no will, you must go through probate. If you have a will, you must go through probate. The only sure-fire way to avoid probate is with a Trust.

The State of Michigan has a set of laws referred to as E.P.I.C. – The Estate and Protected Individuals Code. EPIC provides a set of default distribution rules if you die without a will. There are a lot of variations of what this looks like depending on if you are survived by a spouse and children, if your spouse is only the step-parent of your children, and

There are many differences and similarities between a Will and a Trust. A Will and Trust are similar in that they both can be used to provide for the division of your assets after you pass away. A Will and Trust are different in that a Will is only effective after you pass away, whereas a Trust is a planning tool that can be used immediately to help protect and preserve assets while you are alive.

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